In loving memory

Today I found out that my friend, Lane, passed away. She was 19.

Lane, even if your time here on earth was short you made a huge impact. If only I knew that you were in so much pain… then maybe you’d still be here, but we should all learn from this and be more sensitive to everyone around us and less self centered . I hope you found the peace you were looking for.

“This world did not deserve you, it is dark and full of so much hurt, a golden heart like yours, that feels so deeply could not survive here. You taught yourself to smile, to laugh and to look the way everyone expected you to and in doing this you selflessly brought so many others the gift of joy and happiness beyond measure, yet there was a sadness inside you too big to harbor. You radiated a warmth that anyone close to you couldn’t help but share. You were selfless and beautiful and I wish you nothing but happiness on your journey. Your hands are cold now and your eyes no longer see, but i still feel your warmth and see you in everything. This dark world didn’t deserve you, yet you saw more beauty in it than anyone I’ve ever known.”- Kallia Stergianos

I’ll always remember and love you.

R.I.P x



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