Teen Creeps

I remember Kyle, Kathy and I talking about ideas for a short film within the first week of knowing them. Kyle told me that he wanted to film teenagers doing everyday things, but also going on adventures and being carefree and I had the same idea for a while, so when he told me I couldn’t wait to start!

Matric got in the way though, so we waited  for our matric holiday to start filming and it took us a week to film the whole thing, thanks to Kyle’s laptop we could edit something right after filming it, so that saved us time. We also practically lived together in that week, just creating and thinking about what could be added to make Teen Creeps perfect. There isn’t really a deeper meaning to Teen Creeps, it’s just about having fun, being young and enjoying your teenage years. Yes, there is some nudity in it, but who said that nudity is a bad thing?

It all started at Cafe Mexico, everyone went there to celebrate the end of exams, so it was a perfect opportunity to film what teenagers do best; party and get drunk.

We slept over at Kathy’s and in the morning we started editing and decided what else we were going to film for the next couple of days.

We spent our down time in the park.

After all the filming and editing we celebrated by eating like kings.

If it wasn’t for Ben, our film would have never been played at The Bioscope for the The Rebel Alliance event, so thanks to him a lot of people saw Teen Creeps and we felt pretty amazing since this was our very first film.

I also met Brandon at Rebel Alliance. He’s the best and we all bonded and became friends instantly, we miss him so much.

We were excited, but also very, very nervous that night, so nervous that I didn’t take many photos, but at least a few of our friends showed up and cheered us on. While our film was playing I just remember covering my eyes and saying “Oh no, oh no”, Kathy and Kyle felt the same, but afterwards people came up and told us how much they loved it, so that helped.

And here it is, Teen Creeps, our Lovechild.


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