Kyle is eighteen


7 thoughts on “Kyle is eighteen

  1. Olivia!!!

    I love you new pictures. So amazing!!
    Did you swap to wordpress ‘cos of the whole html thing? Also been struggling with my blogspot..Wanna change the layout =/

    Anyhow..Really impressed =]
    You have any other lenses or still just 24-70mm?

    • Thank you :)
      Oh, for your layout you should use google! I just had a hard time trying to change the size of my photos, but my layout was very easy to change.
      I do have another lens, but I only use it for taking photos of bands at festivals. For everything else I use 50mm.

  2. OH what happiness!!!! What beautifully happy pictures :D YAY!!! and also happiness that you found a new blog so you won’t be creatively stunted hahah :) SO EVeRYTHING IS HAPPY!!!

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